High voltages appear at several points inside ATevo. Use extreme caution when working inside enclosure. Do not attempt to work inside ATevo unless you are a qualified technician or electrician.
Disconnect and lock out all power from ATevo before starting to remove or replace any components. Turn OFF ac power at distribution panel upstream from ATevo. Disconnect battery from DC Output Circuit Breaker (CB2+/-). Wait several minutes to allow voltages in dc filter electrolytic capacitors (C1x/C2) to bleed off.
Printed circuit boards are sensitive to damage from static discharges. Leave replacement pc boards in anti-static bags until you are ready to install them. Ground yourself before handling board, by touching ground stud on back of door. Always handle printed circuit boards by their edges.

Each topic in this section provides instructions for replacing a different component if defective.

Last modified: 3 August 2023