A script can be used to manipulate the user interface of the application and can also access the data stored in the show document. A script can be used to send data to a console via OSC, Telnet or through platform specific events such as Apple Events. Optionally, scripts can write data out to an output window so that the results can be saved as a text file.
Each script runs in it’s own thread so it will not ‘lock up’ the user interface while it is running. You can still work with the application while a script is running, but if you interact with the controls and data the running script is manipulating, you are likely to get unexpected results. It is possible to run multiple scripts simultaneously, and even run a script from a within a script. Running multiple scripts on the same controls or data will need some consideration to ensure they will not conflict or confuse each other. It is only possible to have one instance of a specific script running at one time.
Scripts are loaded from the ‘Scripts’ folder with the Moving Light Assistant application folder. A script is simply a text file, so can be written in any application that can produce a plain text file.

If you are doing extensive script creation/editing, you may wish to use a dedicated code editing application such as Visual Studio Code .

A script can only be a single file, so must contain everything it needs in that file.

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