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Support page link text can now be customized

December 11th, 2015

The default link text for the link to your Support page is “Don’t hesitate to contact us here.”, displayed next to the feedback options at the bottom of each topic.

It is now possible to customize this link text, e.g. if you prefer to link to a Support Forum instead (in which case “contact us” wouldn’t really apply) or just to tweak the text to your own liking.

The new setting can be found in Feedback section of the Manual Settings screen:


Here’s the result of the above alternative link text in a live manual:


Support link now also visible with “feedback” switched off

October 22nd, 2014

In the Manual Settings screen, you can enter the “URL of your Support Page. This link was show next to the Feedback box, to prevent your readers from using the Topic Comments for support questions.

However, we received requests from users to be able to always show the Support Page link, that is, even with the Feedback box disabled. So we implemented that today: