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Improved Backup / Restore functionality

May 12th, 2020

We implemented two important changes to the Backup / Restore today.

Make backups of selected manuals only

Previously, the Backup feature always created a backup of all manuals in your entire account. This is fine if you are just making full backups for safety purposes.
But in some cases, you may want to just Backup specific manuals, e.g. if you want to transfer some manuals to a different Manula account, or if you prefer to make regular quick backups of only the manual(s) that are you currently working on.

So with today’s update, we made that possible. Just checkbox the manuals you want to make a backup of and hit the Backup button on the bottom right. The backup file will only contain the manuals you selected and only the images that are used in those manuals.

Restore feature now fully restores images

At the same time, we have improved the Restore feature to fully support the restoring of only the images of the selected manuals. This way you can efficiently move manuals to a different account.