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?noNav=1 parameter is now persistant

May 13th, 2020

By opening a topic with ?noNav=1 added to the topic URL, you can open a topic without the Table of Content or the top bar showing. Giving you only the topic content, no navigation whatsoever.
Many Manula users are using this to show content sensitive help in a browser frame within their application.

However, there was one “little” annoyance with this trick. Once the user clicked a link to another topic, the noNav state was lost and the next topic *would* show the top bar and ToC.

So, we fixed that now. As soon as a topic is opened with the ?noNav=1 parameter, that noNav state will be remembered in a local browser cookie, so that the user stays in this state until he/she closes the browser.
(the noNav cookies is a session cookie).

We hope that this make the noNav param even more useful.