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Manula has been live for just over 3 years. In these years, a lot of features have been added and changed, so it was time to sit back and re-design a good user interface for the current feature set.
An interface that is both clearer for new users and easier to use for everyone.


Here’s what’s changed:

Account home page

The home page of your admin, where all your manuals are listed, has been updated with:

  • A clear Edit Manual button for going to the manual editor
  • One month of usage stats for each manual (was 2 weeks)
  • Three links at the bottom for all 3 parts of the Stats & Feedback module



The Statistics and Feedback features have been separated from the manual editor and moved to their own Statistics module. The Statistics area can be reached from the chart or links on the Account Home or using the Statistics button on the top right while in the Editor:


Manual editor

And finally, the Manula section where you probably spend most of your time, the Manual Editor. The Editor has been re-designed and cleaned up to focus on its’ main purpose: editing manual topics:

  • The Statistic and Feedback features have been removed from the Editor and moved to their own module (see above).
  • The Revision tool now opens in a pop-up, opened from a button at the bottom of the editor.
  • The Manual Settings are now opened from a button in the bar at the top.
  • Same for the PDF generator tool, this is now located at the top.