New features

  • DefaultUrlOnLogin added to both export of companydata (users) and import of userdata.
  • Property added to company for setting a content/infotext for mediaarchive which is shown before selecting any categories. This can be plain text and/or formatted html. Applies only to responsive GUI
  • WSfederation is now supported as ways of authentication. Needs to be customized and manually configured.
  • For orderlines in cart there is now an option to “duplicate and customize”-option that copies the existing and lets you customize it before you can add it to the cart as a new orderlines . Applies only to responsive GUI.
  • DisableRequirePreview and EnableAlternateRasterizer added as field in bothtemplateexport and templateimport.
  • Changes
  • Merged productionmails now includes a total sum which includes ONLY the orderlines for that producer. Orderfees and other charges saved to the orderhead is not included.


  • When uploading files for existing elements in mediaarchive and it has a linked template the larger previewfile was not correctly updated. Fixed. Applies only to responsive GUI
  • When specifying/limiting the date/time for when an element should be available it did not take into consideration the localization/cultureinfo/region. It now validates/uses the same localization as the logged in user. Applies only to responsive GUI
  • For custom products with product-choices that have 2 levels of dependencies the productchoices were not correctly reinitialized. Fixed and applies only to responsive GUI.
  • In mediaarchive for some “unknown” filetypes the preview, copyright and dimensions was not reset properly visually and previously viewed assets information could be used. Applies only to responsive GUI


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