New functionality
• Multiline variables for templatebased products with autoshrink fontsize now supports flow
• When ordering a templatebased product that has session-based images the image used will be taken a copy of so that later changes and/or modifications not will change the result of the ordered product. Applies only to responsive GUI.
• Option added to use or not use OleDB or internal excel-reading of files for both variable data merge and price-calculation (global setting). Selection made for on-premsises installed systems that does not allow Microsoft-components installed. Applies only to responsive GUI

• When uploading images/pdfs to a templatebased product ONLY the specified field will get the newly uploaded image selected automatically, not all fields of the same type. Applies only to responsive GUI

• When uploading word-files to a custom product (that are converted to PDFs) and the custom product has specified that uneven pages should get a blank page the resulting pdf was missing this added blank page. Fixed for responsive GUI.
• When selecting related (templatebased) products that has images with default-value the value was not inherited/selected correctly. Applies only to responsive GUI


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