New functionality
• Default orderquantity added and enabled to both template- and customproducts. Applies only to responsive GUI
• A user can now be defined as a “Company”. If this is checked then the external customernumber for the logged in user will be used for any orders submitted. Applies only to responsive GUI.
• ExternalCustomerNo added to Person/user.

• When using $detailedorderlines$ for the projectmanager-notification-emails it will now include both orderID and orderlineID.
• New version of core PDF-library (minor performance enhancements and enables new upcoming features)
• Enabled html-text for description-fields for mediaarchive in responsive GUI.

• When changing pageWidth or Height on a customproduct (that has pagesize-detection) and the preserve page-ratio is enabled the price-calculation was performed before the pageratio-fix adjusted the corresponding height/width. Applies only to responsive GUI. Fixed
• Formatted Textfields that contained &-sign and had autoshrink enabled was incorrectly displaying the escaped character & instead. Fixed.


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