• In ordinary GUI the lead-text for fields of type checkbox is now used as label for the checkbox itself and not as a header above it
• Profile-page for responsive GUI is now separated from normal GUI (different url)
• Loading panel for profile and mediaarchive-page in responsive GUI is set to “Bootstrap”-style
• Mediaarchive-controls is set to “Bootstrap”-style in general for responsive GUI
• PageSize is now stored (cookie) when editing productbindings for custom products
• LastModified automatically updated when import products using an excel-importfile

• Mediaarchive in responsive GUI did allow users to rename mediacategories in tree-structure
• Spelling error in Danish for text “ekslusiv moms”
• Image-dropdowns changed visually to adapt to mobile/smaller screens. Applies to responsive GUI
• Custom priceinformation specified on customproducts was not presented in responsive GUI. This behaves now same way as in the normal GUI.
• When auto-logging in and requested the My profile-page as default when the user has no access to profile-page it redirected to the normal GUI regardless of configuration-setting for responsive.
• When merging data using excel in responsive GUI changing the orderquantity made the thumbnail refresh and revert to default. Fixed
• When merging data using excel in responsive GUI the price calculated and presented was correct on the right-side (under preview) and the one on the left was not updated. Fixed.
• When merging data using excel in responsive GUI and clicking the main thumbnail the modal-window with the larger preview was not updated with the correct image. Fixed.
• When merging data using excel in responsive GUI and watching the modal-window with larger preview the other pages was not available directly unless refreshed. Fixed.

New functionality
• Mediaarchive in responsive GUI available and activated as default for configurations in responsive mode
• The term “Group” has been introduced in MediaArchive as a way of both assigning owner-role + access-rights to mediacategories (applies only to responsive GUI)
• Controlling access to categories can now be done with the “Group”-term
• AdminComment added as new property on configuration
• In Responsive GUI when browsing categories or products the css on the

element is now dependent whether it is listing products or categories (category-page and product-page).
• “Fixed combined product” is now aveliable for lokal production
• Export categories, please notify the tab for category ID and template ID. If you are going to import this file back to the system. Remove this two tabs, if not it will create new categories and not overwrite the existing products
• New tab in variable window, visualize. For visalizing the position of the fields


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