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FIX: problems with the “Keep me logged in” option

December 14th, 2015

When logging in to the Manula admin, you have the option to “Keep me logged in”.
However, it appeared that when using this option, one could run into random “log outs” while using the Manula editor.

This has now been fixed. This setting now actually keeps you logged in 🙂


New: Private manuals with password-protection

May 15th, 2013

Manula is a generic tool for creating online manuals, help files, handbooks, etc.. of any kind.
However, being software developers ourselves, we initially created the Manula application with commercial product manuals in mind, either for software or for physical products.

Public access or restricted access?

loginIn general, if you’re making a manual for a commercial product, you want your manual to be publicly accessible for all users of your product. So that is what the first version of Manula did: make your manual publicly accessible online. That is, accessible for anyone on the internet.

But for many types of manuals, that is not desirable. For instance, if you’re using Manula to create an employee handbook, you probably want this handbook accessible for your employees only. The same holds for all kinds of policy and procedure manuals. You don’t want these readable by anyone online. You want to provide restricted access to those manuals, that is, only to the people who need to see them.

After we heard about the need for “restricted access” from several of our customers and trial users, we got to work and introduced “Private Manuals”.

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