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Table of Contents of live manuals now “auto scrolls”

August 19th, 2021

Another improvement for the live online manuals, suggested by our loyal client Allyson, of SIOS Technology Corp.

When you click a topic link, from one topic to another, the Table of Contents on the left now auto-scrolls to make the new selected topic visible. The same now happens when using the Next / Previous Topic links at the top or bottom of your topics.


HTTPS for all live manuals on

November 2nd, 2017

Today, the website and, more importantly, all manuals hosted on, have been moved to HTTPS.

This is especially important for Private manuals hosted on, ensuring that login credentials are sent over a secure connection.


Don’t worry, you do not need to change anything on your side to make this work.
All “old” HTTP manual URLs automatically redirect to the new HTTPS URLs.