1. Connect your USB Radio Modem to your computer through an available USB port, this may take several minutes to configure the driver.

Note: if the driver does not configure, you will need to go to your device manager and right click on the USB drive it is connected to (at this stage it will be saying un-configured),
click on update driver, and then click on search for driver via internet. This should configure the driver for you. If not please contact Trident support.

To discover what com port setting your PC has assigned the USB Radio Modem, select ‘Device Manager’ on your computer, click on ‘Ports (COM & LPT)’.

Also need the FTDI VCP driver. Pick the appropriate download for the OS

  1. Once the driver is installed you can connect and stream data from the reader via radio. Communication is at 115200 baud. You can connect via the com port direct into your software or via ‘ TinyScore’

As with any wireless communication, WiFi or Radio (900MHz) can be liable to interference from local “noise” factors. Always test the area where you will be operating your reader prior to timing an event. This will save you unnecessary stress on the day. Remember, a direct Ethernet connection is always the most reliable way of communication between your timing computer and your reader, i.e the fastest and most reliable network communications is always through a cable. If for some reason, you lose communication with your reader, do not PANIC. You can always download the raw data from your reader.

In the data string that is sent with each tag read the 3rd Character can be set, so if you have multiple readers send data to your Radio USB Modem, each reader can be uniquely identified.

To Add – Com to IP program

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