Plug in the optional external buzzer so that tag reads can be heard over high background noise. Helps create that good feeling at the finish line.

Beeps when turning the unit on

  • 1 single beep – everything is OK
  • 3 very short beeps – wrong firmware loaded on board: please load new firmware
  • 5 very short beeps – clock is not set correctly. Use Tiny Score to sync the clock. If it keeps happening, check and replace the clock battery.
  • 10 beeps over 10 seconds – SD card failed, SD card LED will be red, and a warning will be shown on the LCD screen.

After startup or when the tune button is pressed, or when a mat is plugged in

  • 1 beep when each TX starts tuning, a double beep when all TX tuning finishes. Eg. 4 mats plugged in, tune will give 4 single beeps followed by a double beep when finished.

Beeps when unit is running

  • 1 short beep on trigger
  • 1 beep on change of inhibit (link inserted or inhibit button pressed)
  • 1 second beep when the reader asks for confirmation of time change (when a new time is available from GPS or SNTP – does not apply if p65=-1)
  • 1.5 second beep every minute while inhibited (tags are not read while inhibited)
  • 1 second beep every 30 seconds while in USB mass storage mode (tags are not read while in USB mass storage mode)
  • 1 short beep when UHF scanning starts
  • short beeps on tag (depends on beep setting, All tags, first seen, best seen, etc)
  • If SD card fails while the reader is running, you will hear a double beep every 5 seconds, the SD card LED will be red, and you will see a warning on the LCD screen.

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