The extended trigger format allows for trigger events (pressing the Trigger) in the log to be tagged with a named event (short string).
This can be used for example to delineate the log files for certain events, so when the log is downloaded you can see the start time for a event.Example is:
10km Run
10km Walk

The Trigger Message is then sent via Filtered Port as well as being stored in the filtered.log file.

In order to enable the features of extended trigger format you need to make some changes to your config.ini and create a new events.ini file .

  1. Connect up to your TM Reader via the mico USB cable and open up your config.ini file
  2. Edit: Trigger message type=E (p26=E) this enables the extended trigger message format
  3. Create new text document and name it events.ini
  4. Enter the list of names (short strings), one per line. Each name is a maximum of 15 characters long and supports regular printable ASCII characters from char 20 (’ ‘ space) to char 126 (‘~’ tilde)
  5. Safely remove the mass storage device and restart the reader.

Setting the Event to be added to Trigger time stamp

In order to get a event from the event.ini file to be appended to the time stamp you need to select the event.
When the reader is started, And the trigger is pressed a blank trigger message is generated (.e.g eabA00000220101000000541a000200 <- 15 spaces where the blank message is).

  • To set the current event, hold down the tune button for 3+ seconds.
  • You will see the LCD change from the normal information mode into an interactive menu mode.
  • The event that will be set as the Current Event is the event displayed (highlighted) at the top of screen.
  • To advance to the next event in the list momentarily press the “Tune Now” button. The list will move up with the current event at the top ( the previous event moves up and is not visible on the screen). When the end of the file is reached the selection will go back to the first line of the file again.
Event.ini List Displayed - Current Event 5km
Next Event Selected - Current Event 10 km
  • To advance by 10 entries, hold the tune button for 1 second.
  • To go back to the top of the list, hold the tune button for 2 seconds.
  • To exit menu mode, hold the tune button for 3 seconds. Note that even though the LCD will return to the top of the list, the current selected message is not changed.

Leaving Events Menu - Current Event shown is 5km

The message is shown for 3 seconds before returning to the normal LCD mode for confirmation.

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