Allows for connection of an external clock display or the optional Trident Sports Timing Clock. This clock can either display the current time, or be used as a stopwatch to show competitors the elapsed time. The clock is controlled by using pass through commands to the reader’s control port, as described later in this manual.

A brief description of the clock pass through commands are:

Description: Get the clock’s attention, put it into command mode.
Syntax: $PT_CMD,CLK,

Zero The Clock
Description: Zero’s the clock so it displays 00:0000. This also automatically stops the clock.
Syntax: $PT_CMD,CLK,z

Start The Clock
Description: Sends the clock a “go” command so it starts timing
Syntax: $PT_CMD,CLK,g

Stop The Clock
Description: Sends the clock a “stop” command so it stops timing
Syntax: $PT_CMD,CLK,s

Set The Clock’s Absolute Time
Description: Set the absolute time on the clock. This also automatically starts the clock. Used when you want to set the time of the clock, and are not using GPS locked time with timezone offset

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