TX duty (p22)

Control the Mat transmitter duty cycle time. This setting controls how much power the transmitter mats use, as well as affecting the tag power-up distance (which can affect read range) and also affecting the receiver sensitivity (having the transmitters run constant duty will reduce read range). Good values seem to be 4:12 for low power usage, or 10:10 for better power-up distance but also double the power usage.
Note: A value of 1:0 means 100% duty cycle on the transmitters which is not recommended as it will seriously impact read range.
Format: On:Off where On is a number between 1 and 255 milliseconds, and Off is a number between 0 and 255 milliseconds.
Default: 10:10
Can be set at any time.
Example: TX duty=4:12

TX timeslots enabled

Controls a setting in the Mat transmitters. When this parameter is false, the duty cycle of all mats is synchronised, so all mats are on at the same time and all mats are off at the same time. When set to true, each mat will turn on in sequence. Setting to true may help improve tag power-up in difficult environments (i.e. on reinforced concrete). If this parameter is true then the duty cycle should be set to 4:12 or another setting where the on time and off time are in a 1:3 ratio.
Format: T for true or F for false.
Default: F
Can be set at any time.
Example: TX timeslots enabled=T

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