The RoundhousePM Metaverse

The Metaverse is composed of all the companies and users who use RoundhousePM.


Each RoundhousePM subscriber creates their virtual office within the Roundhouse Metaverse. These are called pyramids since their organizational structure resembles that of a hierarchical pyramid with the subscriber at the top level.


Each subscribers’ pyramid is made up of hierarchical levels. These levels are organized as follows (although the naming of levels has some flexibility):

Roundhouse Pyramid Levels

  • Level 1 – Subscriber. This is your company’s private workspace at the uppermost level. Here you can access company-wide information relevant to all users in the company, such as personnel handbooks, policies, and general announcements.
  • Level 2 – Studio or Division. Your company may be organized in groups or profit centers. The information for the groups at this level can be made accessible only to those within your company, or can also be made accessible to outside companies (consultants) working with your company.
  • Level 3 – Clients. These are the companies or people you work for. If you, as the subscriber, are a corporation or developer, you may not have a use for this level.
  • Level 4 – Projects, Jobs, or Work. Each of these workspaces is dedicated to an individual project or something your company is creating. These can be projects as large as a building or as small as a brochure.

Not required but usually needed.

  • Level 5 – Bid Sites or Phases. These workspaces are useful if you need to break down a project into subcategories such as phases, but a particularly relevant application is to use this level as a Bid Site. Here you can upload only the specific information needed to bid a project. Once the bidding period is over, you can delete access from bidders no longer involved, but keep the information for future reference to documents and RFIs that were used in selecting the winning bidder.


A workspace is a collection of modules and all the data associated with those modules.


Within workspaces there are Modules. A module contains your data. There are two types of modules:
• RoundhousePM Standard Modules,
• Custom Modules you create (Future release of RoundhousePM)

Roll up / Roll Down

The information contained within modules can be seen at different places within your pyramid. Below are some diagrams and an example of roll-up / roll-down:

Roll Up

Example: Most log information rolls up the pyramid to Level 1 which allows you to see the big picture of what is due across your entire organization.

Roll Down

Example: Roll-down is not used as much as roll-up but there are instances where information like standards, or forms for consultants or contractors, need to be made available to other users. This can be accomplished by creating a copy of the Shared Documents module, or creating a custom module, and setting the module’s roll-up / roll-down attribute to “roll down”. When this module is added to any workspace at Levels 2-5 and roll-down is enabled, anyone who views this module will see these forms. For more information see the administrative section of this manual.

SkyView Page

The SkyView page is the user’s personal home page, which allows the user to see across the metaverse all pyramids to which they have access.

Roundhouse Metaverse

SkyView page

For more information about SkyView pages click here.


A Notifications are sent via email by the creator or editor of a record, to inform others about the creation or change to that record.

From this email, users may press Click here and view a read-only version of this record and acknowledge receipt of the notification.

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