This manual describes good practices recommended by Nayar Systems S.L. Any improper manipulation, damage caused during the installation of the device and, in general, an incorrect use not explained in this document may void the warranty. Nayar Systems S.L. is not responsible for damage as a result of ignoring the indications and recommendations included in this manual.

The device must be manipulated only by qualified and skilled professionals with specific technical knowledge to avoid a failure of the device due to inappropriate manipulation.

This manual explains how to connect a GSR with an elevator device, and then how to set the mentioned device in the Net4Machines Smart Control platform.

It is divided in two main sections: Physical Connections and Platform Configuration.

To correctly follow the instructions, the ideal sequence is the following one:
1. Look for the elevator device that is going to be connected to the GSR in the Physical Connections section.
2. Connect it following the given instructions.
3. Go to the Platform Connection section and follow the steps mentioned there.

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