ILFI sends notifications to manufacturers (to the owner of the product submissions in 3E Exchange (formerly Toxnot)) about the renewal timeline of their label(s) at the following times:

  • 60 days prior to the expiration date
  • 30 days prior to the expiration date
  • On the expiration date

The manufacturer will be made aware in each of these three emails that 30 days past the label expiration date, the label will be unpublished from the Declare database unless there are extenuating circumstances approved by the Institute.

Once unpublished from the website, the label may be re-published for the full new label fee. If there is an issue with the point of contact used to communicate to the manufacturer account, or if ILFI fails to send these notifications, ILFI will honor the renewal pricing and update the label expiration date accordingly.

ALL labels must still be submitted within the renewal period, even if payment has been received via invoice, or they will be subject to removal from the database. If a label is removed under these circumstances, please reach out to when ready to renew and ILFI can reinstate the label for no additional fees.

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