Living Building Challenge Alignment

Declare is a voluntary self-disclosure program that aims to transform the building materials industry toward healthier products through ingredient transparency.

The Declare label evaluates a product according to its compliance with all Imperatives applicable to the selection of building products within the Living Building Challenge 4.0 standard, including:

  • Imperative 10, Healthy Interior Performance, requires compliance with the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) Standard Method v1.1-2010 (or international equivalent) for all interior building products that have the potential to emit Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). The Declare label confirms a product’s compliance with CDPH or an equivalent emissions standard.
  • Imperative 13, Red List, requires that manufacturers disclose the ingredients in their products to ensure that they are free of Red List chemicals. Declare supports the Living Building Challenge by providing a transparent materials database that project teams can select from to meet the Red List requirements.
  • Imperative 14, Responsible Sourcing, requires that manufacturers of wood products demonstrate sustainable extraction through certification with the Forest Stewardship Council, by meeting ILFI’s definition of low risk or salvaged wood, or through the use of a formal LBC Exception.

LBC Compliant Products

If a product meets the applicable requirements for each Imperative above, the product is considered fully compliant with the Living Building Challenge, and will be noted as such on the Declare label graphic itself.

Additional Program Alignment

Products with an active Declare label also contribute to the following additional LBC 4.0 Imperatives:

  • Imperative 12, Responsible Materials, requires project teams to install one unique Declare label product for every 200 square meters of project area.
  • Imperative 16, Net Positive Waste, requires that the project meet aggressive material diversion rates throughout the design, construction, operation, and end of life phases of the building. The Declare label includes product end of life disposal options to help project teams make informed decisions on their specified products and their impact during the building’s end of life phase.

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