The Living Building Challenge:

The Living Product Challenge:

The Declare Database:

The Declare About Page:

3E Exchange (formerly Toxnot):

Connect ILFI Membership to 3E Exchange (formerly Toxnot):

3E Exchange (formerly Toxnot) and Declare:

Submission, Review, and Publishing:

The Pharos Project:

Health Product Declaration Collaborative:

US Green Building Council, LEED v4:

California Department of Public Health Standard Method V1.1-2010: IAQ_StandardMethod_V1_1_2010%5B1%5D.pdf..

California Department of Public Health Standard Method V1.2-2017:

AgBB Health-related Evaluation Procedure for Volatile Organic Compounds Emissions from Building Products: evaluation_scheme_2015.pdf

South Coast Air Quality Management District, Rule 1168:

California Air Resources Board 2007 Suggested Control Measure for Architectural Coatings:

Declare Online Education:

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