As a supplement to the Declare International Partner Program, the Institute has launched a Declare Label Translation Protocol for manufacturers interested in translating their Declare labels in multiple languages. Manufacturers must adhere to the following criteria:

  • All Declare labels must be published in English, at minimum. The English version of the Declare label is considered the original.  
  • Language translations available by a signed Declare International Partner must be completed by the International Partner. Contact ILFI for the complete list of international partners that offer translations.
  • Languages not available for translation by a signed Declare International Partner may be completed by a translation service of the manufacturer’s choice, with advanced written approval from ILFI
    • Manufacturers must contract with a translating service directly.
    • ILFI will send all relevant Declare forms/files for translation in Word and Excel format. 
    • The manufacturer must provide translated files back to ILFI as Word/Excel documents
    • The manufacturer/translator is responsible for including any font files, as applicable. 
  • Translations are considered a new format of the existing Declare label and license. They will be issued using the same Declare ID as the original label. 
    • Translations of this label are under the original license and should not be counted as separate labels. 
  • The ILFI label drafting fee for translated labels is $500/language; the renewal fee for translated labels is $250/language. 
    • The ILFI fee includes formatted files for translation, redrafted/formatted jpeg and eps files, updated Declare database entry, and linking to the language filter on the Declare database. 
    • Renewal of translated labels may only include updates to the Declare ID and expiration date. Any changes to the product information or ingredient list will incur the full translation fee. 
  • ILFI will provide all translated and reformatted jpeg/eps files to the manufacturer for review and approval prior to publishing.
    • It is recommended that the manufacturer send the final jpeg file(s) to the hired translation company prior to approval. Changes required after approval and publishing may incur a label redraft fee. 

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