Biological Ingredients: Biological ingredients such as wood and agrifiber do not require disclosure of a CASRN unless the ingredient is already registered with Chemical Abstract Services, in which case the number should be reported.

Electronic Components: Small electrical components do not require CASRN reporting, but the manufacturer must verify that these components are RoHS compliant. These components must be documented using the Small Electrical Components Exception. All products with small electrical components will therefore result in a Declaration Status of “Red List Approved” or “Declared”.

Float Glass: Float glass does not require CASRN reporting, but all glass coatings/interlayers/films must be reported. 

Geological Materials: Geological materials such as natural granite do not require disclosure of a CASRN; manufactured stone products require disclosure of CASRNs for all resins/binders/sealers in the product.

Impurities: There are instances when a Red List chemical is present in a product because it naturally occurs in the product’s raw materials or was unintentionally added through certain manufacturing or reclamation processes. Impurities do not require reporting on a Declare label.

Metal Alloys: Metal alloys that do not have an assigned CASRN do not require CASRN reporting, but the alloy number must be reported. Materials that are registered with Chemical Abstract Services, such as carbon steel and stainless steel, should be reported with a CASRN.

Recycled Content: Recycled content should be reported using all known primary ingredients; a CASRN should be reported as applicable (based on guidance above).

Reaction Products: When a reaction occurs during the manufacturing of the product, the final reacted substance must be reported with a CASRN. If any residual reaction substances remain in the product above 100 ppm that are not covered by the CASRN of the reaction substance, they must also be reported with a CASRN.

Small Product Hardware: Small metal hardware must be reported with the metal type (i.e. steel), but reporting an alloy number is not required. Hardware materials with an applicable CASRN must report the CASRN.

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