Following the previous three sections of documentation upload and qualification review, the Applicant will complete the following steps to submit the Declare application to ILFI, which then assigns the Verifier as a Partner on the submission. The Verifier should check the application for validity and correctness of information; ILFI additionally reviews the application for completeness and adherence to Declare reporting guidelines.

  1. The Verifier should submit all additional documentation as required by applicable LBC Red List Exceptions.
  2. The product’s bill of materials and/or chemical inventory should be drafted or uploaded through the manufacturer’s 3E Exchange (formerly Toxnot) account. ILFI will then assign the Verifier the role of “Partner” to allow for review of the full Declare application and electronic sign-off by the Verifier for all Declare submission claims prior to drafting of the Declare label.
  3. ILFI begins its review of the application once all Declare fees are paid. ILFI will confirm all required product data is provided and notify the Verifier of any missing information. The label is drafted and returned to Verifier and manufacturer for review. The drafted label must be approved by both the Verifier and manufacturer prior to publication.
  4. Changes to the above-written Verifier 3E Exchange (formerly Toxnot) workflow must be approved by ILFI in writing prior to product submission.

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