The following identifying product information must be included in each Declare application:

Product Name

Manufacturers should report the product name(s) or product family name. The product name listed on the Declare label should be easy for specifiers to reference back to specific product SKUs.

Product Manufacturer

Product manufacturer is tied to the manufacturer company name listed on the 3E Exchange (formerly Toxnot) account by default and will match the manufacturer name listed in the Manufacturer filter on the Declare database.

Final Assembly Location(s)

All product final assembly locations applicable to the product formula listed in the Declare application must be represented in “City, State/Province/Region, Country” format. Products manufactured in a location that has not been listed are not considered products with an active Declare label.

All final assembly locations listed for a product will be represented on the Declare label and accompanying entry on the Database. Up to three distinct locations will each be listed on the label graphic. If 4+ locations are provided in a given submission, the locations will be summarized on the label graphic using the following conventions:

  • All locations within the same country: “Multiple Locations in (name of country)
  • All locations within the same continent: “Multiple Locations in (name of continent)
  • Locations in differing continents: “Multiple Global Locations”

Each location will remain listed on the Declare Database entry.

Life Expectancy, in years

Manufacturers should report the expected life of the product, in years, from manufacturing to the end of its useful life and/or the end of the product’s warranty period.

Product End of Life Options

A minimum of one product end of life option must be reported. Packaging and process materials should not be reported within end of life options.

Take Back Program: To be used when the manufacturer or industry trade group offers a mechanism both implemented and overseen by a manufacturer/trade group to assume physical responsibility of a product, product component, and/or packaging at the end of their useful lives with the intent to reuse or recycle the items received into new useful goods. Manufacturers must list the specific Take Back Program within the submission, when applicable.

Salvageable/Reusable in its Entirety: To be used when a product or assembly of a particular service that is capable of being reused without significant remanufacturing or alteration after it has been retired from its initial consumer-based installation or function.

Biodegradable/Compostable: To be used when all or a portion of the product is composed of organic matter that can be naturally broken down by microorganisms and the product does not contain any ingredients that would negatively alter the natural ecosystem. If only a portion of the product is biodegradable/compostable, the manufacturer must report the percentage by weight of the portion.

Recyclable: To be used when a product, or portion thereof, can be processed into new saleable goods. If only a portion of the product is recyclable, the manufacturer must report the percentage by weight of the portion.

Hazardous Waste: To be used when a product, or a portion of a product, is considered hazardous to humans or the environment and requires specific end of life processing to mitigate risk of exposure to hazardous ingredients. The portion of the product that requires hazardous waste processing must be reported if selected.

Landfill: To be used when a product, or a portion of a product, has no other end of life option and the product, or a portion of the product, must be sent to municipal landfill for disposal. The manufacturer must report the percentage by weight of the portion. By default, unreported percentages will be listed as landfill.

CSI MasterFormat Classification

Manufacturers must select the applicable CSI Masterformat Division that applies to the referenced product. In many cases, a CSI Masterformat section number is also required.

Product Description

Manufacturers must submit a product description. It is recommended that the product description include product attributes and performance characteristics relevant to the specification of the product for the sustainable construction industry. Manufacturers may also list color/finish options, ordering or specification instructions, and any other helpful details to identify, specify, order, install, or maintain the product. The description may be used to specify any product options that are excluded from inclusion in the Declare label.

Product Image (optional)

Manufacturers also have the recommended option of submitting a product image as part of the Declare submission.

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