1. Establish ILFI Membership: Go to living-future.org/membership, select “Corporate Membership” and pay the annual corporate membership fee.
  2. Connect your ILFI Membership and 3E Exchange (formerly Toxnot) Account: Visit exchange.3eco.com and follow these instructions.
  3. Create Product Records and Declare Labels:
    1. In exchange.3eco.com, enter your Bill of Materials (BOM) by importing a CSV file, or by manually inputting all product ingredients, with accurate CASRN’s.
    2. Create a draft Declare label by opening a product record from your library and selecting Report > Declare Template > Preview
    3. Submit label to ILFI:
      1. Select “Share for Feedback” if you seek ILFI staff feedback before submitting for approval.
      2. Select “Submit for Approval” when ready to begin the formal review process, and to submit payment.
  4. Select a Review Timeline:
    1. Standard Review: ILFI’s standard review time for a Declare label is seven (7) business days, during which we will respond with any feedback, or confirmation that the label is ready to publish. Review times may be longer if the manufacturer requests technical support or selects the “Share for Feedback” option.
    2. Rush Review: A Declare label may be reviewed within 1-2 business days upon request for an additional rush fee of $500.00 USD per label.
      1. Rush requests must be initiated with, and approved by ILFI, by contacting declare.support@living-future.org at which time we will walk you through the necessary steps to ensure prompt service.
      2. Rush Fees include up to 120 minutes of ILFI staff support, during ILFI’s normal business hours, for the expedited review and/or necessary technical assistance.
  5. Payment: Enter any coupon codes and/or use a credit card to remit the total amount due, including rush fees, if required. Invoices may be requested from declare.support@living-future.org; however, please note that final review of your label(s) will only begin once full payment is received.
  6. Label Approval: Upon completion of ILFI’s review, manufacturers must approve their labels before they will be published.
    1. When you receive notification that your label is ready, do a careful and final review of the draft label in exchange.3eco.com
    2. Once approved, ILFI will publish the label to the public-facing Declare database and provide manufacturers with a copy.
    3. Note that any changes requested after publishing are subject to a label redraft fee.

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