1. Go to living-future.org/membership, select the “Corporate Membership” and pay the annual corporate membership fee.
  2. Navigate to Toxnot at toxnot.com or navigate to the platform through the ILFI Member Dashboard. Connect your ILFI Membership to Toxnot following these instructions. Toxnot membership is included with ILFI Corporate Membership.
  3. Create your product application on the Toxnot platform.
    1. Build your Bill of Materials (BOM) by importing a CSV file or manually inputting product data by CASRN.
    2. Create a draft Declare label by opening a product from your library and selecting Report > Declare Template > Preview
    3. Submitting label to ILFI:
      1. Select “Share for Feedback” to get feedback on your product entry before submitting and paying for the label. Use this when you are looking for feedback only, before label creation or publication.
      2. Select “Submit for Approval” to submit the label for approval to ILFI. Use this when you are ready to pay for your label and begin the formal review process.
  4. Submit your label for review, and pay the corresponding label fee. Enter any coupon codes and pay for the full value or the remaining fee using a credit card. Payment is required before submissions can be reviewed by ILFI. It is recommended that manufacturers pay by credit card for quickest turnaround time, however, invoices can be sent by ILFI upon request. Manufacturers that require a written invoice to process payment may request an invoice by contacting the Declare Support team at declare.support@living-future.org. Please allow additional processing time for product labels paid via invoice.
  5. Approve the drafted labels through Toxnot.
    1. A draft of all new labels must be approved by the manufacturer prior to publishing.
    2. Manufacturers will be able to review and approve labels on Toxnot.
    3. Any product changes requested after approval and publishing are subject to a label redraft fee.
    4. The Declare Support team will review the information within the submission, follow up with any questions or comments, and produce the draft Declare label for review.
    5. Once approved, ILFI will publish the label(s) and accompanying entry to the public-facing Declare database.

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