HH-005: Product Air Testing in Oceania

Products manufactured in, having a final point of assembly in, and distributed within the Oceania region, defined as Australia, New Zealand, Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia, may demonstrate compliance with the CDPH requirement of the Healthy Interior Environment Imperative by testing to ISO 16000, ISO 10580, or ASTM D5116. Products must demonstrate they are low emitting by providing a testing report from an approved certified lab that demonstrates the emission factor is equal to or less than:

  • tVOCs= 450 μg/m³
  • Formaldehyde =60 μg/m³

Projects may use products tested and certified under a program that conforms to the standards listed above such as:

  • Emicode (Edition 18.04.2018)
  • Blue Angel (Version 1.6, January 2018)

The following text applies only to LBC project teams, and not to manufacturers pursuing Declare.

This exception applies only to registered project teams in the Oceania region, and projects must document the following:

  • Demonstrate compliance with required testing above
  • Proof of advocacy to the manufacturer to offer CDPH or AgBB chamber testing for selected products to help build demand for these testing schemes.

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