1. Renew with 3PV designation, no changes to the labeled product or product family (product): If there are no changes to the product that would affect any information disclosed on the Declare label, then the assigned Verifier and manufacturer must both approve the label for renewal.
    1. After 3 years from the original label publication, all 3PV labels must undergo a full re-verification process, with the same rigor as a new label verification process.
    2. ILFI encourages Verifiers and manufacturers to create timelines and scopes of work that allow for full review in advance of label expiration dates, to avoid disruption of active label status and to avoid incurring any additional fees.
  1. Renew with 3PV designation, with change(s) to labeled product or product family: If any change is made to the product that affects any information disclosed on the Declare label, the Verifier and manufacturer must notify ILFI of all the changes, and that verification of the new information is complete, and in accordance with the program.
    1. New label fees, redraft fees, and/or other ILFI fees may apply at ILFI’s sole discretion, depending upon the scope of the changes being required.
    2. All changes must be reported to ILFI and verified and may include, but are not limited to, changes in product’s bill of materials, supply chain vendors, chemistry, Red List status, and assembly location.
    3. Any label that is submitted and published with changes will have a new date upon which the mandatory 3 year re-verification is based.
  1. Renew without 3PV designation: A manufacturer may elect to revert to self-declared status at any time, within the general Declare program rules.
    1. If the 3PV status is removed at the request of the manufacturer before the label’s published expiration date, ILFI republishing fees may be incurred by the manufacturer.
    2. If the 3PV status is allowed to voluntarily lapse, then the label will automatically fall under the label renewal policies for non-3PV labels and the 3PV designation and logo will be removed from the label.
    3. Reinstatement of the 3PV status after electing to return to self-declared status will require a full reverification by an ILFI-approved Verifier.

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