Red List Compliance

Products that receive a status of either “LBC Red List Free” or “LBC Red List Approved” are approved without further documentation for use in the LBC I-13 Red List Imperative. Products that have a declaration status of “Declared” require due diligence as per the requirements of the LBC Materials Petal Handbook before they may be approved for use.

See Program Clarifications for additional clarifications on the relationship between Declare labels and Living Building Challenge requirements.

How Annual LBC Red List Changes Affect Product Manufacturers

Declare labels are valid for one year (12 months) from the time of issuance. An active Declare label with a status of LBC Red List Free, LBC Red List Approved, or LBC Compliant at the time of specification (when the project team places the product order with the manufacturer) is sufficient documentation of product compliance with I13 Red List. This remains true even if a constituent chemical in the product is added to the Red List prior to the label’s expiration date. ILFI will encourage project teams to download the Declare label information at the time of specification.

Products in Declare will be evaluated against the LBC Red List version that is active when a manufacturer submits the product for its annual label renewal. At that time, a product with a Declare status of LBC Red List Free, LBC Red List Approved, or LBC Compliant may subsequently receive Declared status because a constituent chemical was subsequently added to the Red List and the product formulation wasn’t changed. ILFI will inform project teams that if they did not document the compliance status of the Declare label at the time of specification, they may cross-reference the Red List ingredient identified on the renewed Declare label with the contents of the Red List at the time of project registration, to demonstrate compliance.

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