Declare 2.0 has modified pricing tiers and fees to incentivize scaling. The applicable pricing tier is determined by the number of active labels a company* holds.

Manufacturers that are based in New Zealand should reach out to for the New Zealand fee schedule, while manufacturers that are based in Australia should consult with the Living Future Institute Australia for the Australia fee schedule.

New Labels:
1-9 Labels: 1,000 USD/label
10-24 Labels: 750 USD/label
25+ Labels: 500 USD/label

The Declare new label fee corresponds with each label. A single label covers a product, or product family, and all final assembly locations associated with that product or product family. See the Ingredient Information Reported section for more information regarding product and label scope.

1-9 Labels: 800 USD/label
10-24 Labels: 600 USD/label
25+ Labels: 400 USD/label

As an example, if you choose to purchase 10 Declare labels, the first 9 labels will be priced at $1,000 USD/label, and the 10th will be priced at $750 USD. The total will amount to $9,750 USD. When you renew the subsequent year, if you still possess between 10 and 25 labels, the subsequent renewal fee for each label will be $600 USD/label, or a total of $6,000 USD.

The Institute does not review applications or draft labels before the product application is formally submitted and all fees are paid.

Fees are subject to changes. Once a new product is submitted and paid for, there are no refunds.

Interested in expanding your Declare portfolio to 50+ labels? Please reach out to for more information around reduced pricing for scaled portfolios.

*_A company is defined as the brand name listed on the Declare label and any claimed subsidiaries. ILFI will assume labels submitted via an individual’s account in Toxnot belong to a unique company and are therefore subject to individual pricing unless someone reaches out prior to submission to state relation to an existing Declare company and a request to combine pricing is made. In these cases, an invoice will be required for payment._

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