With the release of the Living Building Challenge 4.0, ILFI also introduced the LBC Watch List. The intent of the LBC Watch List is to signal to manufacturers and project teams that ILFI has identified certain chemicals and compound groups for potential inclusion in the LBC Red List. The Watch List does not impact a product’s Declaration Status, or the ability of project teams to use products that contain these chemicals on LBC projects. The LBC Red List CASRN Guide remains the enforceable screening list.

The Watch List fills an important gap in the identification and prioritization of chemicals for Red List inclusion. Chemicals on the Watch List must be designated as “Priority for Red List Inclusion” for at least 12 months before they can be added to the Red List. Priority designation provides a transparent “on-ramp” for the Red List, gives space and time for stakeholder dialogue about when and if to add those substances to the Red List, and provides manufacturers and consumers alike time to phase these chemicals out of products and design, contributing to the collective goal of a healthier materials economy. A chemical designated as Priority for Red List Inclusion will flag in light orange on a Declare label. If ILFI determines that it should be added to the Red list it may be added after a minimum of 12 months. Substances may also be “downgraded” from the Red List to Priority or Watch List or removed entirely from any list.

ILFI believes that this transparency and update schedule will result in a Red List that is regularly reviewed for alignment with best available science and market realities, and will push the industry further and faster towards a future free of toxic chemicals and materials.

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