New functionality
• QuickPay added as payment option. For payment-methods see . Applies only to responsive GUI.
DIBS Easy now supports localization/dynamic languages.
• Option added to force only numeric input for postal codes in cart. Setting is on Configuration. Applies only to responsive GUI
• Option added to enable verbose logging for email-communication. Setting is on Configuration.
• Option added to specify a password for preview-pdfs. Setting is on Configuration.
• Option to set a cache for the category-menulist. Setting is on Configuration. Default is 30. Setting only applies to responsive GUI.
• When specifying an anonymous user on the configuration the user will be automatically logged in. Applies only to responsive GUI.
• Url for direct-login for a user is now generated in the administration GUI under the user.
• Option added for logging in on a existing session for a user. The login will be a shadow of the login. Any products added to the cart and/or files uploaded will affect the session (shared with the original login). When logging out the cart and files will be untouched.
• Column CompanyPrepopulateInvoiceCompanyname is added to companyimport in administration GUI.
• Statistics for a category now includes number of template- and customproducts defined in category (including subcategories)
• Order-reports from categorylevel now supports sub-categories.

• The anonymous user was previously dependent on being triggered manually for logging in or with a combination of promo-products. This feature has been reset and configurations with an anonymous user set has been reset.
• Un- or orderered lists now supports and takes the leading specified as the leading for any multiline list-items.
• Addons/modules now is directly changeable in the administration GUI and are reloaded on-the-fly.
• Paymentoptions in cart has been changed to standard dropdownlist (with icon) instead of custom component. Applies only to responsive GUI.
• The paging in saved data under My profile and in the mediaarchive is now localizable. Applies only to responsive GUI.
• Automatic logins now is processed faster as it is done before page is loaded. Redirecting pages will now stop unnecessary processing. Applies only to responsive GUI.
• Elements/images in the MediaArchive has now a timestamp-parameter to prevent unwanted caching if thumbnails/previews are changed. Applies only to responsive GUI

• When importing excelfile with data for existing departments the address was not updated.
• A category in MediaArchive that had between 10 and 20 items caused the paging to be wrong. Applies only to responsive GUI
• When paging or selecting other users order history the tooltips with thumbnails were not shown. Applies only to responsive GUI
• Product selections for custom products were not saved if the content-quantity was allowed to be changed. Applies only to responsive GUI
• Product selection for custom products that were dependent on above or below a certain number of pages did not trigger correctly when uploading or deleting uploaded files. Applies only to responsive GUI
• Flow-templates was not working properly after the new feature with background box being made available.


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