New functionality
• Webshipper-module can now hide the name of the supplier. Settings for this are under the configuration of the webshipper-settings.
• Functionality added for variable fields to add a background-box to it which is dynamically resized to its content with an optional padding. It currently supports text, formatted text and images.
• If the logged-in user has an approver-role and has awaiting approvals an notification-tooltip will be shown on the “My profile”-link informing about this. Applies only to responsive GUI

• Administration of fields/placement has been slightly re-arranged. Stroke for the placement has now been placed under its own panel and a new one for background has been added.

• A previous version changed the way single-line fields functions and calculates its last know position for later floating fields. Previously it would use the specified height of the placement if it did not have enough room for the text. The more correct way is to assume that all text is placed on one line and that floats are placed where the text actually stops.


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