New functionality
• When using globalR.css in the global filelibrary this is now referenced with a parameter so that it should only be cached based on the lastmodified-date for the file. Applies only to responsive GUI
• When using dropdownlists as custom references in the cart you can now specify a value that is viewed and a separate one that is used/stored as value for the order. This is done by separating them by “|”-character (pipe). For example: ViewableText|StoredValue;ViewableText2|StoredValue2

• Markup and Css has changed for fixing affix-float-fix in checkout when saving cart is enabled. Previously the save cart-section could overlap the cart-content-list when scrolling. Now this has changed and the Css-class that has changed is:
media (min-width: 768px) { .checkout-page-sidebar .panel.affix { position: fixed; top: 80px; } } to: media (min-width: 768px) { .checkout-page-sidebar .checkout-sidebar.affix { position: fixed; top: 80px; } }
• In order to prevent that content in the preview-pane/right sidepanel is unreachable, because of the affix-float-functionality, the markup for customize-step has been changed with data-offset-bottom=“0” . This will result that the affix-functionality reverts to relative positioning if the scroll reaches the bottom of the page (it still might overlap the footer). Css has not changed. Applies only to responsive GUI
• After updating to the latest GUI-components the date-/timepicker-fields in checkout had a unnecessary padding applied. This is now overridden by the following css: .RadPicker .riTextBox { padding: 0 !important; }
• Custom referencefields in checkout that contains both “, “and “;” be converted to a dropdownlist. Applies only to responsive GUI.

• The show/expand helptext did not work properly for templatebased products, resulting in the helptext always needed to be expanded manually. Fixed. Applies only to responsive GUI
• The product-import did add products correct when uploading importfile for templates. This has now been fixed.


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