New functionality
• Mandatory variables/fields in webshop-view is now supported. Applies only to responsive GUI.
• Functionality in administration added to copy a productselection when administering custom products.
• For custom products any thumbnails and descripions for productselections are displayed after selection. Applies only to responsive GUI.
• When a variable product have deactivated the option to order and there is a custom action defined, the “add-to-cart”-button is replaced with the button to trigger the custom action. Applies only to responsive GUI.
• Option added in Media archive to update/change the file for a media asset. Keywords and other information will be preserved, but new from the updated file will be added. Applies only to responsive GUI.
• In administration functionality added to send a password-reminder-email to the user.

• When importing users the system now also uses the SendUserMail-column when updating existing users. Previously only triggered when adding new users.
• On login-form the Username-input now has id=username and autocomplete=username, the Password-input has id=password and autocomplete=current-password. Applies only to responsive GUI
• On “My profile” the change-password modal has changed so that the autocomplete=new-password. Applies only to responsive GUI
• In administration, more imageicons and buttons has been replaced by font-representation and bootstrap/css.
• When adding a product to the cart the screen now will be blocked while completing adding it to the cart, preventing double-click. Spinner-animation is added. Can be customized using the “lds-hourglass”-class. The control (div) has id=spinner_hourglass. Applies only to responsive GUI.
• Panels (divs) in checkout has now gotten specific classes in order to style these individually. “cart-contact”, “cart-delivery”, “cart-payment”, “cart-other”. Applies only to responsive GUI.

• The introduced option to get main logo for the GUI from the company library had a wrong url-path which is now corrected. Applies only to responsive GUI
• In administration GUI, the alternative displaynames of productselections was not displayed after saving but was stored successfully.
• When ordering an element in the media archive as a file for a custom product, the quantity and description specified as keywords on the media-asset was not correctly used on the custom product as it was in the normal GUI.
• For punchout-integrations the text of the cart-button was not displayed correctly and referred to just confirming the cart instead of sending data to punchout-system. Applies only to responsive GUI.
• The date- and time-picker for requested deliverydate was not being triggered correctly in some interim releases between 0916 and 0930. Applies only to responsive GUI.


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