• Template with a imagefield that retrieves images from the Media Archive with a dynamic category-specification and that had a default-value was not working properly when changing selected image.
• After adding an templatebased product in cart the refreshed product was doing unnecessary refreshing of imagelists from company file-library. Performance is now enhanced. Applies to responsive GUI.
• Prices for custom products that had a custom pricefilename defined was not working calculated correctly in cart if the pricefile was stored in the global file-library.
• Return-values from DIBS and DIBS-Easy was in some cases not stored correctly.
• When changing the language in the top bar, the categories-menu was not re-initialized as it is cached for the logged in user and uses the language when logging in. This is now changed so that the cache for categories-menu is reinitialized when changing language.
• When changing the language in the top bar and the user was on a page with possible postbacks, each of these postbacks resulted in unnecessary re-saving of the same language. Fixed so that it only saves on the first request.

New functionality
• $extcompanyno$ in emails now also includes the external companyNo if the person is defined as a company.
• Webshipper-module added. Requires subscription from Webshipper and one orderchannel that can receive orderinformation from Impleo. Available only in responsive GUI
• Webshipper can configured to both show delivery-options (with prices) or without. When using it without delivery-options the freight-selection needs to be set manually in Webshipper for each order. Applies only to responsive GUI.
• Google Analytics now supports “ecommerce”-functionality. Cart-information (ordernumber+order-amounts are now sent to Google Analytics). Applies only to responsive GUI
• Functionality added to let the stock be retrieved by an external source. Requires development/customizations. Applies only to responsive GUI
• Functionality added to “My Profile”-page to go directly to a specific ‘tab’. This is done by passing a URL-parameter a=. For example myprofile.aspx?a=oh (which opens orderhistory-tab). Applies only to responsive GUI. Possible tabs is as follows:
• oh (orderhistory)
• extoh (external orderhistory if enabled and available)
• sd (saved data)
• sc (saved carts)
• mycampaign (my campaigns)
• oa (orderapproval)
• stock (stock status)
• For DIBS-Easy the card-type and masked card-information is now stored and can be used on email-communications. Any information stored on order will be added/placed in $paymentinfo$. This will be in addition to any transactionID returned. Applies only to responsive GUI.
• Additional illustrations can now be added to custom products the same way as for templatebased products. Applies only to responsive GUI

• New production client. Automated started workflows for jobs that does not have productionfiles does not give errormessages/fail if the flag for ignore errors are set.
• An error-message appears if a search/lookup on a template has a field that looks up in the mediaarchive returns no images. Applies only to responsive GUI.
• Flags used on “My Profile” to show and change language is now css and svgs only (no images). Applies to responsive GUI
• When using merged pricing for templates the pricefilename now also can be stored in department- and global file library. Applies only to responsive GUI.


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