• MaxValue for products now is also honoured for stock-controlled products if the Max quantity is less than the available stock.
• Specifications for custom-products that are a part of a combined product is now included in detail under orderliness
• In admin when changing the category for a product you now are redirected to the same category
• In admin when changing the category for a product you will now not be able to select categories that have subcategories (and therefore is invalid for selection)

• Max quantity for products was no honoured unless it was stock-controlled or with intervals. Fixed.

New functionality
• globalR.css can loaded from global filelibrary as global stylesheet (previously added, but undocumented). Applies only to responsive GUI
• Language-file can be placed in global filelibrary for global language changes/overrides. Any languagefiles in skin will override this. Applies to all GUIs
• Logofile can be placed in global filelibrary. Filename should be the one specified on configuration. If empty default.png or default.jpg will be used. Logofiles in skin will still override this. Applies only to responsive GUI
• Option to set on a user that is defined as a producer that production emails will be merged. Option to define a new template filename. Default is r_mergeprod.html. Content is much like projectmanager email. Applies only to responsive GUI
• $globaldir$ added as possible variable for illustrations in dropdownlists for fields on template. Applies only to responsive GUI
• “ProductnameAlternate” and “DeliveryInfo” added as field for productimport of templates
• In admin a new function to export templates for a specific category (in excel-format)
• Both ProductTypes and Product(Selections) can now be made language-specific.
• Added functionality to specify filename for thumbnail for Product(Selection) for custom products. Files can either be in global filelibrary or in skin. Applies only to responsive GUI


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