• When editing the slider under skin, the selected image in the dropdownlist was not being updated correctly and got locked to the first edited slider. Fixed
• For products that require approval and there isn’t a template-PDF defined on the product, the approval-mail was not sent as it was stopped when the previewfile wasn’t detected. This is now changed so that it sends the approval-request regardless.
• When having a cart with a mix of products that both require and can bypass normal approval procedures the approval-functionality was not updated correctly if the resulting items should have changed the approval-process when deleting items. Approval function is now being updated when removing items
• When confirming a cart where the products is defined to bypass the approval process, the order confirmation was still defined as a “temporary” orderconfirmatio. Fixed
• When confirming a cart with product(s) that is defined to bypass the approval process, any server-worfklows did not start automatically. Fixed

• The company- and department orderhistory under “My profile” is now loaded by manual initialization as for users with an extremely large amount of orders it was loaded without being required
• The length of the username is extended to 100 characters
• In webshopview when having a product that is forced to be customized the quantity selected will be copied/used when being transferred to customize-page.

New functionality
• Added specific new option for letting users administrating the filelibrary of its company and department, so that you can add the administration-rights without giving the user also access to the files.
• For calculation of deliveryprices you can now also use the global filelibrary
• Floating positioning for normal text-variables that has tabulator-leadtexts


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