• Price was in some cases hidden in production emails even though the producer was allowed to see prices. Fixed.
  • When selecting “replace system-price-information” on templatebased products this did not work as intended in responsive. Fixed
  • If template-based products had one or several fields imported without valid values (=null), stocktransactions was not correctly stored and updated. This applied only for custom-import-routines and not using import using excel-files. Fixed

New functionality

  • DepartmentAdmin under “My profile” now has editing of general properties enabled (applies only to responsive GUI)
  • DepartmentAdministration under “My profile” now has administration of file-library enabled (applies only to responsive GUI)
  • Filelibrary (for both Company and Department) under “My profile” now shows “Last modified” for files (applies only to responsive GUI)
  • Two new colums added under stockstatus in Administration, “Number of transactions” and “Last transaction date”. Both values are exportable to excel-reportfile.
  • Added functionality for loading file “globalR.css” from global file-library for responsive GUI, the same way “global.css” does for standard GUI


  • ItemNo and ISBN are displayed in cart if products contains values for these fields


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