• “Retrieve original” in responsive started the spinner-animation and did not stop when the original was retrieved successfully. Spinner removed for this operation.
  • On template-based products the attachment-variable in responsive did not show/accept other formats than pdf- and image-files unless page was refreshed/updated. This is now fixed.
  • To minimize the problem of thumbnails being locked which might result in missing preview-thumbnails when doing refreshes or rapid changes, the generated thumbnails are re-used if possible, otherwise regenerated with a new filename to prevent file-locks.


  • Viewing other users orderhistory under «My Profile» now includes the username and the previous image used as a symbol for the user has been changed to the font-awesome symbol for user (fa-user).
  • When a user uploads file(s) for a custom product and switches to a different custom product the previously uploaded file(s) is deleted, applies only to responsive-GUI
  • Minor update of support-library for GUI-component
  • Minor update of support-library for image-component (SVG-format enhancement)

New functionality

  • Setting on product for optionally showing the name of the producer of the product (applies only to responsive-GUI)
  • On template-based products the attachment-variable in responsive now supports upload of multiple files at the same time, which will result in files being zipped in one file
  • Possibility to hide prices shown for a producer. Applies to production e-mails + reports in production client
  • XML-JobTicket now includes the static purchasenumber defined on the product ordered. Tag is
  • Option on custom products to disable the upload files-functionality (applies only to responsive-GUI)
  • You can now enter the ID of a product in the search for product (template and custom products) in administration GUI


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