New features
• Focused products. Possibility to mark products as focused
which will place them in a focusedproduct-box on top of the category/categories (responsive)
• Feedback-mail has now responsive-layout and now includes
information about which category/product the user were using when sending feedback
• Impleo JobTicket now includes DeliveryDays for the product under ProductionInfo-node
• Possible to limit page-dimension for custom products to be fixed ratio (responsive)
• Feature added to custom products to enable download of files from a url directly (responsive)
• Possibility to set additional categories for a product to appear in (responsive) Change preview for custom products (responsive)
• Dynamic field default value = $year$
• CommonMailStyles.txt (for styling responsive mailfiles) can now be uploaded to global file library.
• Following new dynamic fields added to emails:

$invoice adr2$

Bugfixes corrected
• When merging exceldata with a templatebased product where the preview- and productionfiles
had different dimensions the variables for pages 2 and later where not adjusted according the the bleed/trim- sizes (responsive)
• OrderHistory in “My profile” were duplicating entries (when searching) as many times as there were orderlines for orders (responsive)
• The field type “Attachments” for templatebased products were not correctly saved to the order (responsive)
• For stock-controlled products threshold-emails was not sent if the current stock was exactly the threshold-value
• For stock-controlled products it was possible to add products multiple times with a lower count
to bypass the stockamount. It now checks the current users cart if there already are products in cart that empties the stock (responsive)
CSS has been changed so that the large-preview (modal) now also supports wide/small and narrow/tall products (responsive)
• The OrderHistory-count in “My profile” did not include count of orders that has been approved by other users (responsive)
• When adding products that do not have proofing-file defined the thumbnail shown in the cart was the same as the previous valid one (responsive)
• The field-types Ordered- and UnorderedList did not save it’s required position correctly for later flowing elements

• In shoppingcart, the default value for Contact Phone/mobile-field is the logged-in user mobile number, if empty it sets the default value to the logged-in user phone-number
• The order of the markup of elements for the login-screen has rearranged so that the login-box is visually placed before the footer when used by smaller screen-resolutions
• When searching saved deliveryadresses in the shopping-cart it now pages only 20 elements for improving performance
• For DIBS-payment there has been implemented a callback-function to update payment-status to prevent the problems where the user does not
click the continue-button after confirming the payment in the DIBS-paymentwindow.
• A padding for the footer in mediaarchive has been added as default to prevent the footer to conflict with any large tree-menu
• For self-registered users the HidePersonalInfoInCart-setting was set fixed to true. This is now based on the clone-user defined


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