New functionality

  • Added field IsApprover for importing users from excel
  • Default font used for administration-GUI is changed from Museo to Raleway (this requires browsers that support .woff2-support, otherwise it defaults to Arial).
  • ProductAlias added to the stockstatus-reports (only in the report, not in visual grid)
  • Functionality for External Orderhistory is extended with new customization options
  • DIBS-paymentoption reverted back to FlexWin instead of PaymentWindow. IMPORTANT: Returnparameter of StatusCode needs to be enabled for this to work (needs to be enabled in DIBS-control-panel).
  • Options for maintaining/changing merchantID and parameters online payment-options on the Configuration-level
  • Module Impleo MultiMerchant available – enabling multiple payment options differentiated on Configuration-level
  • Added function for calculation of KA71 / Paymentidentification specified by NETS. Keyword for ExternalDatasource is ka71 and the next line should be the paymentinfo without check-digit (see documentation/example).
  • Added function for having a dynamic filename for main logo. Can use $cid$, $did$ and $pid$ as part of the filename. $cid$=CompanyID, $did$ = DepartmentID and $pid$ = UserID (applies to the logged in user).
  • OrderDetails-window under My profile now also includes any custom order-references registered (in addition to the default one).
  • Extended support for OpenType-fonts
  • NewsText added to CustomProducts (the same way as it was for templatebased products).
  • New flag for Category to enable showing/publishing it on the front-page (relevant only for the upcoming responsive-design-engine)

*Colorspace for variable images is now preserved for JPEG-images in production files. AdobeRGB + sRGB (for RGB profiles). Coated FOGRA39, US Web Coated and Coated FOGRA27 (for CMYK profiles).


  • When uploading/adding certain pdf’s generated by Word to a combined product the preview- and/or productionfile might be corrupted because of the logical structure imported from the Word-generated pdf-files. The logical structure from uploaded files to combined products is now ignored.
  • When adding products directly to cart from SearchProduct the Cart-link was not enabled if there were no products already added to the cart. This is now fixed


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