To access Reel-Scout™, go to your Film Office Link, typically (where ___ is your office acronym). Access to the application is on a user-assigned basis only. Initial User Logins and Passwords have been created for current staff and affiliates of your film office.

There are several major modules (search and replace component > module) of the Reel-Scout™ system:

  1. Locations – Simplifies all aspects of location library management. Location information and images can be easily added and updated.
  2. Contacts – Stores the contact names and relevant information in a confidential, centralized, shared location to allow for easy and single point of entry for contacts that typically interface with the Film Office in more than one capacity.
  3. Projects – Captures the prospects and productions that the Film Commission has dealt with in various capacities. Production information can be tracked in as much or as little detail as the Film Commission has/requires.
  4. Crew (optional) – Organizes a production directory listing of all local crew and support services based on the registrations of individuals and companies on-line from the Film Commission’s website.


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