Once the registration is saved, the user will be directed to either: 1) enter credits info if they are a crew registration, or 2) review their profile.

Credit listings are easy to add – the user simply selects the year in which the project was completed, type in the Project Name, and selects from the drop-down list the appropriate title/role for that project. Only the production category/subcategory(ies) selected from the profile page will be available title choices. This ensures that only relevant credits are provided:

  • Minimum credits: 1
  • Maximum credits: 10 per category/subcategory

1. Enter Project Info

The user is prompted to enter a project name and to select the appropriate production title/role. The year is a drop-down field with current year as the default value. As stated in the text above the credits, a minimum of one credit is required in order to complete the registration.

2. Submit Registration

To complete the registration, the user must click the blue submit profile button. A confirmation email will be automatically sent to the registrant notifying him/her of the entry.

3. Modify Contact Info, Upload Logo/Resume & Review Posting

Upon completing the credits page, the crew registrant is returned to the main menu to access the other areas available including modifying contact information, uploading a logo or resume, and viewing postings.


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