This interactive screen has several features that allow you to sort and find crew and support services records quickly. Here is a brief description of how they work.

1. Narrow Results By

Clicking into any of the fields from the following list will sort all the crew by that attribute. The other fields will automatically default to ‘all’ because only one sorting selection can be selected in the view at a time.

a. Listing Type

The listing type values can be: crew, support services, and talent.

b. Category

The film industry’s standard classifications assigned to each crew registration. Each crew record can have more than one category assigned to it, thus it may be listed more than once.

c. Subcategory

Depending on the category selected the appropriate subcategories available will be displayed. Each crew record can have multiple subcategories assigned to is as well.

2. Sort Results By

The listing of crew records displayed can be sorted: 1) Alphabetically by location name, 2) Chronological order by file open date, or 3) Reverse chronological order by last modified date.


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