Individual location-specific data can be exported out of Reel-Scout™ for use in a variety of other applications. This allows for the greatest flexibility when the need for a customized report arises. All location data can be exported and manipulated in more appropriate desktop software packages to create the ideal report formats.

1. Export Locations Data

To export locations data, click the export link under the locations component. Clicking this link launches the standard download window for Internet Explorer.

2. Open or Save File

The user is prompted with options to* open* or *save *the file. Typically, you’ll want to save the file to your desktop to manipulate in *MS Excel *in order to obtain the most flexibility in filter the data for your third-party application.

3. Excel Data

When the file is opened in Excel, data will appear in pre-defined columns that are self-explanatory.

4. Export Contact and Projects Data

Similar to locations data, contact and projects data can also be easily exported out of Reel-Scout™ via the export link under the appropriate components.


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