Each photo image must be in JPEG format and can be stored in the highest resolution that the Film Commission needs. General resolution and sizing standards for the Film Office are:

  • 1680 × 1050 resolution (or higher) for large size web browsing (max allowable 3840 pixels)
  • File size between 1 MB – 3 MB (max allowable 10 MB)
  • 144 – 150 dpi
  • JPEG compression = 8 good quality

Be sure that these files are accessible to your computer (e.g., on the g:\FilmOffice\ shared drive or on a CD-ROM disk). Images that can be uploaded to Reel-Scout™ include: digital photos, digital photos that have been stitched with a software program, scanned photos, etc.

There are two methods to uploading image files to Reel-Scout. The first and quickest method is using the Flash Uploader which is defaulted on the Photo Tab. The second method is the Basic Uploader which is best used when selecting specific individual images from multiple sources or if Adobe Flash is not available on your device.


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