This interactive screen has several features that allow you to sort and find contacts quickly. In this module, you will be able to look-up a contact record and edit/delete the record.

1. Search by Alpha

Clicking a letter will narrow the sort only to those contact records whose last name starts with that letter.

2. Sort Results

The listing of contacts displayed can be sorted: 1) Alphabetically by contact last name, 2) Chronological order by file open date, or 3) Reverse chronological order by last modified date.

3. Prev | Next

Clicking on these words allow you to page backwards (prev) and forwards (next) through the list of contacts. The application currently displays five individual contact listings per page for ease of viewing.

Each individual contact’s name will appear underlined when you hover over or cursor over the record. By clicking on the contact’s name, you can edit or change the contact’s information.

4. Action

The “action …” drop-down field allows the user to take a specific action on multiple contacts at a time. The actions currently available are: 1) Assign to Type; and 2) Assign to Group.

In order to run the actions, click the check-boxes beside each contact, select the action to be taken in the drop-down, and click the blue arrow button.


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