With our built-in photo editing tools, you don’t have to use an external photo editing software to edit your photos and/or re-upload them.

Here’s a quick video tutorial on how to edit your location photo in Reel-Scout:

1. Find The Location

First, log-in to your Reel-Scout system and click on the Location tab. Search for the location you want to work on, and click on the Edit field located next to the location name.

2. Choose The Photo To Be Edited

Once on the “Edit Location” screen, click on the Photos tab. On each photo, you’ll see a Pencil icon for editing and a Trash icon for deleting the individual image.

To edit the photo, click on the Pencil icon. That takes you to the Photo Editor.

3. Begin Editing

Once on the Photo Editor screen, you’ll find a series of user-friendly Editing Tool Icons at the top of the screen, such as Enhance, Effects, Frames, Stickers, Crop, Resize, Orientation, Focus, etc., to name a few.

To see what each tool can do to improve your image, just click on that tool to apply the effect to your liking. Below is an example using the Text tool.

To undo the effect of each tool, click the CANCEL button.

When you’re happy with the changes made with each tool, click the APPLY button to save the effects made with that particular tool.

4. Save Your Edits

After you’ve made all the changes, click SAVE.


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